How can i read myanmar font in this forum?

ဤစာကို , ေခါင္းစဥ္ျဖင့္ TGTCေက်ာင္းသားတစ္ဦး ေရးသားသည္။
Hello friends!

I think you may have an error when watching the posts cuz all are in Myanmar font. But this is not a problem. To reset the myanmar font, there is an easy and simple way to get.
  1. You should need Myanmar Unicode font for reading posts such as Alpha Zawgyi, Alpha Mandalay, MyMyanmar etc. - But I do use Zawgyi-One font format in this blog.
  2. So you may download this font first from Here or as an mirror of download Files from Our groups -
  3. And then press Start button from Start Bar. Control Panel > Fonts to install new font (Zawgyi-One font). As an another way, you can Copy the Zawgyi-One font which is downloaded and Paste it in the Control Panel > Fonts.
  4. Final step is to alignment the fonts .. So.. If you use Mozilla Firefox Browser, Choose Tools > Options in this browser. Then you can meet the Options dialog box. Choose the Content Tab so.. you can see... like this.

  • As the first picture, Press Advanced button.
  • Then you can see the dialog box as the second picture, So Change to Zawgyi-One font in the fields pointed by Red aRRows.

Later you will be okay I think........
Thank you for launching to my blog.

GTC student

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